Friday, May 15, 2009

MAD: Object Factory

Edyta Cieloch, Spanish Lace, 2008
Now that I'm back in NYC, I can't wait to check out some of the amazing exhibits and shows going on all over the city. At the top of my list is the new Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design. It focuses on the recent resurgence of ceramics, owing in large part to collaborations between contemporary artists and some of the world's oldest porcelain manufacturers like Nymphenburg and Rosenthal. These pairings of designer and industry have resulted in some incredible (and some off the wall) ceramic pieces, ranging from the fully functional to the purely decorative. If you can't make it to the show, be sure to check out images of some of the pieces on MAD's website.  

Ami Drach, Hot Plate, 2003 (the metal in the paint conducts heat!)

Thomas Allen, Tea Set, 2006-2007

Alon Meron, Combinations, 2007

Gesine Hackenberg, Spoon Set, 2001

Maya Vinitsky, Squeeze Cup, 2003

Industreal, Lampe 72 dpi, 2007

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