Monday, May 25, 2009

Egizia & Paola Navone

I made a great new discovery yesterday! I was in Barney's Chelsea Passage and happened upon a display of amazing products by a company I'd never heard of - Egizia. After doing a little research I discovered that they're a 56-year-old Italian glass company that specializes in silk screened patterns applied to glass. Based in Tuscany, they've been producing glassware products for some of the biggest tabletop companies in the industry, and recently made their US debut with a collection by the ingenious Paola Navone. Her pieces combine glass and a lovely silver plate, lace motif. Having handled them extensively in the store, I love the wonderful texture the applied silver adds to the outside of the glasses. While Egizia's pieces aren't exactly cheap, the level of craftsmanship you get for the money is definitely justified. The highball and double old fashioned glasses are $36 each. They'd make a great gift if you're looking to go off the registry this wedding season. Check out some of the collection here

Here are a few pieces from other collections by Egizia. So gorgeous!!