Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleveland Art

If you're looking for a little touch of old to balance out all the Pottery Barn newness in your home, check out Cleveland Art. When it comes to salvage and industrial pieces, they're the real deal, getting bits and parts from defunct factories in the country's Rust Belt, and re-imagining them as works stations, tables, chairs, and lighting. The design studio is located in Ohio, but they recently opened an LA outpost for all you lucky Angelenos. If you have a specific type of piece in mind that you know would be perfect for that unloved corner of your living room, give them a call and they'll happily be on the lookout, as their stock changes daily. For all you New Yorkers, their pieces are also available here in NYC at Intérieurs in Tribeca. Just think of all the industrial waste you're sparing our landfills - and they're purty too!

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