Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inspiration: Ambra Medda

Some women inspire you to greater heights with their own achievements, and Ambra Medda is definitely one of those women for me. She's the daughter of a London gallerist and grew up traveling all over the world with her mother, tracking down pieces and artists. When she was 23, she cofounded Design Miami to address the need for a design fair that touched on the relationship between contemporary art and limited-edition, historic design pieces. It is now the most important contemporary design fair in the world and travels between Miami and Switzerland with Art Basel every June and December. At 27, she currently serves as the director of Design Miami and Design Miami/Basel. Ambra is gorgeous, has great style, and oh, did I mention she's fluent in five languages. Check out this Sunday's T Magazine in your NY Times for a "Profile in Style" on Ambra and find out where she gets her inspiration. 

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