Monday, April 27, 2009

Clic Bookstore & Gallery

One of my favorite new downtown discoveries is Clic Bookstore & Gallery, Christiane Celle's post-Calypso venture. In this tiny but well designed space is an amazing selection of photography and art books that you're welcome to peruse to your heart's content. Whether you're into the classics like Avedon, Penn, and Adams, or a lover of more obscure fare like Lyle Owerko and Wolfgang Ludes, Clic will undoubtedly have something you'll be unable to leave the store without. It's currently located at 189 Lafayette, but a larger location is due to open any day at 424 Broome Street.

That area is filled with incredible stores and when I'm in need of some inspiration, my usual route is as follows: up Broadway to Opening Ceremony and Ted Muehling on Howard, then on to Crosby and De Vera, BDDW, and Michele Varian, right on Grand and left on Lafayette to Clic, and finally, Aero on Broome. God I love living in New York!

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