Friday, June 5, 2009

Blackout Storage

In my time cruising around on The Selby, I also came across the image above. I love the idea of doing monochromatic storage in black rather than the usual punchy colors. It looks so much more interesting, as if each box were filled with original Irving Penn chromes instead of the boring bills that are probably inside. The photo above is actually from the home of the photographer Paola Kudacki. This is a classic photographer way of storing film and a great idea for the rest of us to steal. As luck would have it, IKEA just introduced a bunch of black boxes for next to nothing, so you can create your own wall of storage without spending a ton of cash. I promise, everyone who comes over will be wondering what sorts of fascinating goodies are hidden inside. 

KASSETT Magazine Box with Lid, $14.99/ 2 pack, IKEA
KASSETT Clothes Box with Lid, $9.99, IKEA
KASSETT Media Box with Lid, $9.99, IKEA

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