Monday, August 24, 2009


It all began with an episode of The Martha Stewart Show. Then, a visit to John Derian's amazing booth at the recent NY Gift Show took it right over the edge. I'm officially obsessed with marbleizing. I even felt compelled to dig up the feature on Nick Olsen's place in a back issue of Domino, to once again marvel at the genius behind his idea to cover an IKEA coffee table in marbleized paper from Paper Mojo. Something about this age-old technique feels really fresh to me right now, with just the right touch of glamour.

One viewing of the Martha segment and I promise, you too will be hooked. There are definitely some marbleized magazine caddies in my near future.

Not only are these John Derian goblets gorgeous on the outside, but the inside was done in a DIFFERENT marbleized pattern!

These papers are just a taste of the gorgeousness they create during the Martha segment.

Images: Domino, November 2006, Paul Costello;

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  1. I just ripped out a page in the September Vogue with those john derian goblets on it. LOVE. baby let's get marbleing. You know i am so ready.