Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Cover Archive

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been visiting family in California for the last two weeks. Taking off for weeks at a time is one of the few benefits of being an out of work magazine editor. Right before I left I ordered some new personalized stationary and business cards after spending the better part of my Saturday agonizing over the color of the paper, the font (color, size, placement), and on and on. The possibilities are really endless. Then in a free moment a couple days ago I decided to check one of my favorite blogs, Oh Joy!, and discovered The Book Cover Archive. WHY!!! This website is the most incredible source of typeface and layout inspiration ever. Each little clickable cover reveals the designer behind it, as well as the typeface used. Above are two of my favorites but the website boasts over 1,000 covers. I'm haunted by the spectacularly unique and inventive stationary I could have designed after a few hours perusing this site. Oh well, next time. 

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