Saturday, March 7, 2009

City Dreams

There are innumerable reasons why I love living in New York. Yes, it can sometimes feel oppressively over-crowded, a bit dirty, and somewhat lacking in natural beauty, but a recent trip to Film Forum reminded me of what New York has that no other city can match and why, despite all of the above, people flock here daily. Our City Dreams is the new documentary by filmmaker Chiara Clemente that chronicles a year in the lives of five female artists, among them Kiki Smith, a personal favorite. The film was a reminder of just how much creative energy is flowing through these crowded streets and that every day, people all over the city are dreaming up new ways of expressing themselves. Even in these tough times, inspiration is always free. Check out the film's website for a screening near you. 

On a side note, one of my all-time favorite Domino stories was the entertaining piece on Chiara Clemente and her boyfriend Waris in the October 2007 issue. His laid -back but luxurious Indian bazaar table, her traditional Italian recipes handed down through the fabulous Clemente clan for generations - amazing! The recipes are still available to savor on Domino's website. 

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  1. Delightfully well-written and elegantly composed; no one would ever guess that you were a blogging virgin just hours ago! Congratulations ali MODE--can't wait to see what creative feats you concoct next!